About Biologique Recherche

Yvan, Josette and Philippe Allouche, a biologist, a physiotherapist and a doctor, combine their knowledge and passion for skincare, bringing it to the world in the form of Biologique Recherche. “A researcher finds his reward and gratification in achieving an objective”, says Yvan Allouche, founder of Laboratoire Biologique Recherche. His objective was to discover highly effective skincare products using pure, concentrated and raw ingredients. This he has achieved with Josette Allouche, as well as implementing innovative protocols and procedures. Dr. Philippe Allouche, a clinical doctor, integrates the clinical aspect. He compares the skin to a poorly constructed or unmaintained roof of a house saying it “cannot guarantee protection against external aggressions”. Together, through a holistic approach, they combine authenticity and harmony, presenting a unique and much sought after skincare line, produced with high concentrations of botanical, marine and biological extracts. Products by Biologique Recherche contain no artificial ingredients and use cold formulations to preserve the structure of the active ingredients thereby ensuring superior quality. Biologique Recherche constantly strives to understand the skin in order to enhance its beauty, consistently bringing the best quality and most effective products in skin care today.