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Depilar System for Removal of Unwanted Body Hair

depilar_systemThis gentle and effective enzyme-based formula is applied by a trained esthetician immediately after waxing to target active hair follicles, reducing unwanted body hair. After removing body hair by the root, the follicles are open and empty, allowing the Depilar System product to reach the cells at the follicle base. Here, the cells are broken down, preventing further hair growth. The procedure involves waxing to remove hair by the root, immediate application of the inhibitor gel followed by the application of the activator gel. Although there will be a noticeable reduction in hair growth after the 4th or 5th session, regular treatments are required over 12-24 months for the complete eradication of the targeted unwanted hair. For optimal results the Depilar System should be used every 2-4 weeks for facial hair and every 4-6 weeks for body hair. This treatment is painless and leaves the skin smooth and supple between sessions.

Things to remember after each treatment

After a treatment with the Depilar System, follow the same skin care regimen you would after a regular waxing including:

  • Avoid sunbathing and tanning beds for 24 hours
  • Do not use perfumed creams, selftanners, make-up or deodorant for 24 hours
  • Do not remove any hair between treatments, including shaving
  • Consult your esthetician or skincare specialist for additional guidance

Q: How long will it take before I see results?
A: You should see a significant reduction in hair growth after the 4th-5th session. However, results may vary depending on the individual, their hair type, and the targeted area. Some individuals see results much sooner than others, but regular and successive sessions are required over a 12-24 month period in order for everyone to see satisfactory results. The important thing to remember is to be patient. Once the Depilar gels are able to reach ALL hairs through a complete growth cycle (12-24 month period), you will be hair free!

Q: Why is this a professionally used product?
A: The Depilar System is a professionally used product and is not sold for retail use. In order for the system to work, hair needs to be PROPERLY & COMPLETELY removed by the root by a licensed beauty professional. Athome
hair removal results in follicle breakage/damage, which will prevent the system from working.

Q: Is the Depilar System safe to use during pregnancy?
A: Yes! The Depilar System consists of natural digestive enzymes that are already present in our body which will not harm or affect a pregnancy.

Q: What stage of hair growth is ideal for Depilar applications?
A: The ideal stage for Depilar applications is the anagen phase (growth phase). The gels will not work if the hair is in the catagen or telogen phase. Once hair is properly removed during the anagen phase, the gels can penetrate the empty follicles and the enzymes can reach the hair producing cells at the bottom, thus inhibiting future hair

Q: Can Depilar be applied on a man’s beard?
A: Yes! The Depilar System is safe to use on a man’s beard. However, it is wise to advise your clients that removing hair from this area will be a painful process as these hairs are extremely thick and deeply rooted. The Activator gel (gel 2), which has a calming effect on the skin, will help to reduce any swelling that may occur growth.

Q: Can you start using the Depilar System if you’ve previously undergone laser treatments?
A: Yes! The Depilar System will work if you have not had success with laser treatments. You must discontinue laser treatments and continue with regular and successive Depilar applications.

Q: How long should your hair be before you get waxed/sugared?
A: Hair should be no less than ¼ inch long in order to perform a proper waxing and 1/8 inch to perform a proper sugaring.

Q: How often should a client come in for a Depilar System session?
A: Regular and successive treatments over a 12-24 month period are required in order for clients to see results. Clients who are using Depilar on their face should come in every 2-3 weeks and clients who are using Depilar on their body should come in every 4-5 weeks.

Q: I’ve been through a couple of Depilar sessions. Why don’t I see a difference?
A: The Depilar System only works on hair that is visible and in the anagen (growth) doesn’t phase. Each hair growth cycle must be targeted separately and, depending on the specific area, 4-5 sessions may be required before a visible result.

Q: I just started the Depilar System and am seeing more hair, not less.
A: Often, a temporary increase in hair growth occurs after the first session because the body is reacting to the hair removal process. Removing hair by the root can rest the anagen phase for hair producing cells. Dormant hair producing cells are activated and will allow for increased efficacy for subsequent sessions and even more visible results.

Q: Is Depilar effective on hair growth caused by genetic predispositions or menopause?
A: Yes! Certain factors, such as pregnancy/menopause, use of certain pharmaceutical products (HRT), and genetic predispositions can cause future hair growth. These hairs may require additional sessions, as they are usually much thicker than normal hair.