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Creme R-Stria

– Soothes inflammatory stretch marks
– Tones and firms the epidermis
– Refines and smoothes the skin’s texture
– Stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin
– Prevents the formation of stretch marks
– Reduces the appearance of red stretch marks

Recommended for: Red Stretch Marks (fresh inflammatory stretch marks)
Texture: Cream


Product Size: 200 ml 6.8 oz

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Crème R- STRIA is a treatment specially formulated to prevent the appearance of and to treat early, inflammatory red stretch marks. This product is rich in soothing active ingredients that work to decrease inflammation and stimulate dermal fiber reconstruction. Crème R- STRIA will help to reduce the appearance of and provide relief for red stretch marks. This product is recommended for pregnant women to prevent the appearance of stretch marks.

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Apply Crème R-STRIA cream in the morning and evening using ascending gentle massaging motions over the areas to be treated, (waist, hips, breasts, stomach, thighs and buttocks). Its’ light formula is quickly absorbed so you can get dressed directly after application.
Optimal duration of treatment: 2 months.
This product may be combined with Crème Reparatrice for optimal results.


– Actives that help synthesis collagen and elastin: Bean extract, rutin extract and biomimetic peptides.
– Actives that optimize the reorganization of the dermal fibres: Saw palmetto oil extract.
– Toning actives: Black crowberry juice.
– Soothing actives: Black crowberry juice and polysaccharide rich in rhamnose.
– Actives that activate skin microcirculation: Arnica flower-based complex, Solomon’s seal and cypress cones.