Shop by Purpose - Lotion P50 Corps

Lotion P50 Corps

– Stimulates the skin’s natural exfoliation.
– Purifies the epidermis.
– Contributes to regulate sebum secretion.
– Hydrates the top layers of the epidermis.
– Enhances the effects of the products used after it.

Recommended for: All skin types.
Texture: Liquid

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Product Size: 250 ml 8.4 oz

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– An essential product that removes your body’s dead skin cells, leaving your skin soft and glowing.
– This indispensable product purifies, balances and protects your skin.
– Ideal to prepare your skin before waxing.

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Apply Gommage P50 Corps to wet skin. For thick skin requiring more intensive exfoliation, apply to dry skin. Massage in circular ascending movements, concentrating on rough areas (heels, knees, elbows). Rinse off under the shower and finish with a burst of cold water. Use once a week.

– Avoid exposure to the sun immediately after applying the product.
– Do not apply to excoriated or irritated skin.


Purifying and exfoliating agents: Poly-Alpha-Beta Hydroxy Acid Complex, Lemon Extract, Nettle Extract.
Balancing agents: Burdock Extract, Horseradish Extract.
Moisturizing agents: Vitamin PP, Lactic Acid.