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Complexe Capillaire Vials

– Soothes irritated scalps.
– Reduces the amount of sebum.
– Purifies the scalp without attacking it.
– Prevents the scalp from becoming greasy again too quickly.

Recommended for: All hair types ideal for greasy hair.
Texture: Lotion

Product Size: 12 x 5 ml

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Complexe Capillaire is the ideal ally for combating oily scalp. Its formula restores the balance of the scalp by eliminating excess sebum while preventing it from becoming greasy again too quickly.
This stimulating and fortifying care product provides the hair with strength and vitality.

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Apply the entire ampoule onto dry or wet hair, section by section, using the applicator.
Gently massage the scalp and proceed with styling. Do not rinse.
Repeat the application 2 to 3 times a week.



Sebum regulating ingredients: Soybean Extract (Isoflavones), Vitamins B3 (or PP)
Soothing ingredients: Aloe Vera leaf juice extract