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– Lowers the skin’s temperature immediately.
– Regulates the blood circulation of the face.
– Reduces redness.
– Soothes, tightens and firms the skin.
– Reduces puffiness, especially around the eyes.

Recommended for: Reactive, inflamed skin.


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These ergonomically designed Cryo-Sticks are made from stainless steel. Stored in the refrigerator or a basin of ice prior to use, they possess cooling properties for inflamed skin.  Their ergonomic form moulds easily to the contours of the face/neck, thereby allowing them to work effectively on every area.

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These easy grip Cryo Sticks are to be refrigerated before use. This allows them to store the optimum amount of cryo energy which will ensure a hyper-cooling effect upon contact with the skin. Simple and easy to use, gently roll the Cryo Sticks over the contours of the face and neck for a soothing massage. An immediate cooling effect occurs, reducing inflammation and redness.

– After use, clean the Cryo-Sticks with a disinfectant wipe and replace them in their case in the fridge until the next use.