Shop by Purpose - Body Profile with Massage Glove

Body Profile with Massage Glove

Recommended for: Suitable for all skin types

Texture: Gel


Product Size: 100 ml 3.38 oz

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This body sculpting gel contains plant extracts that assist in firming and conditioning the appearance of an uneven skin texture. Regular use helps to maintain a smoother more resilient looking skin.

In the shower one would stimulate areas of concern with the body Mitten, increasing blood flow to the area. Then apply the body profile gel thereafter for Enhanced effects.

– 12 months unopened
– 10-12 weeks period after opening
– 130 ml Retail Size Airless Pump Dispenser

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Apply liberally after a bath or shower and then follow with your preferred Environ body products. Apply to the focus areas i.e. thighs, buttocks, upper arms and stomach, morning and evening.