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Cellular Refining Scrub

Recommended for: – For those in search of an effective, comfortable and gentle body scrub.
 For those who need to prepare their skin for an intensive treatment.
 For those who want to prepare their skin for tanning, waxing, etc.


Product Size: 200 ml 6.8 oz

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Skin that is frequently exfoliated is better able to absorb ingredients in products that are applied afterwards. With CELLULAR REFINING SCRUB, effectiveness and pleasure unite in a creamy, rich formula perfectly adapted for dry skin on the body. Diatoms ensure that the epidermis is perfectly exfoliated, soft and silky.

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Apply a dab of the product on clean damp skin, one area at a time. Exfoliate the skin with deep, slow circular motions. Concentrate on dry areas (heels, knees, elbows) or on areas that will need treating in the future (thighs, hips, buttocks, stomach, etc.). If using as part of the intensive program, exfoliate the skin three times a week. If using as part of the maintenance program, use a body scrub once a week.
Scrubbing mobilizes the tissues, which improves circulation and elasticity. The beauty ritual meets anti-aging.


Rose oil: Nourishes the skin and ensures an anti-aging effect thanks to its high
content (80%) of essential fatty acids.
Diatoms: Eliminates the slightest impurities and rid the skin of dead cells.
Argan nut shell powder: Particles ensure perfect peeling of thick skin on the body.