Shop by Purpose - Clarifying Infusion

Clarifying Infusion

Recommended for: For skin suffering from pigment disorders, (freckles, age spots, etc.) and blemishes. Also ideal for oil-prone skin.

Texture: Gel


Product Size: 30 ml 1 oz

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In an instant, this ultra-concentrated serum penetrates the skin delivering the potent anti-aging, clarifying and illuminating complex. It intensely brightens the skin giving it a smoother and more uniform complexion.

A Product by Shop by Purpose


– In the morning and at night.
– Apply several drops to clean skin over the entire face and neck.
– Follow with the appropriate Cream.


Zinc DNA: Brightens and soothes the skin, Anti-aging
Hexylresorcinol: Reduces melanin production (anti-tyrosinase action)
Niacinamide: Limits melanin transfer
Glycolic Acid: Brings about uniform skin pigmentation and refines the skin’s texture.