Shop by Purpose - Clarifying Pack

Clarifying Pack

Recommended for: For all skin types, especially dull, devitalized skin or skin suffering from pigment disorders, (freckles, age spots, etc.), and blemishes. Also ideal for oil-prone skin.

Texture: Cream


Product Size: 50 ml 1.67 oz

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This clarifying cream-mask immediately offers visible results. Rich in illuminating ingredients, it eliminates surface cells that dull the complexion. In just a few minutes, pores will be tightened, the skin is supple, soft, and gleaming with new radiance.

A Product by Shop by Purpose


Once or twice a week, apply an adequate amount of the product to cover perfectly clean skin. Avoid the eye area. Allow to set for 10 minutes maximum, (any longer than this will make the mask more difficult to remove). During the final minute, wet the face and massage the product into the skin for even more radiant results. Remove with water or a damp cloth. Tone and protect the skin with the appropriate treatment.


Hexylresorcinol: Reduces melanin production (anti-tyrosinase action)
Niacinamide: Limits melanin transfer
Papaya extract: Keratolytic action for gradual elimination of melanin-laden surface cells.
Zinc NMF: Illuminates, soothes and hydrates the skin.
Rice starch: Microscopic and with a perfectly round shape, these spheres scrub and clean the skin in the most gentle way possible. Remove dirt, dead skin cells and sebum.