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Hair & Scalp Cellular Treatment

Recommended for: Hair loss. Fine hair weakened by aging. Thinning hair, loss of vitality and shine.

Texture: Serum


Product Size: 12 x 6 ml (0.2 oz)

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This anti-age capillary treatment is ideal to recover a full and vigorous head of hair. Its unique formula combines all the key elements the scalp needs to re-launch hair growth and reduce hair loss. The triple DNA, anti-glycation concentrate, intensive complex and anchoring peptides stimulate the scalp and strengthen the hair roots. Gradually, the hair becomes thicker, silkier and more supple.

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Insert Revitalizing Concentrate into the Regenerating Solid Matter bottle and twist to tighten. Squeeze the contents of the bottle and shake until the Regenerating Solid Matter dissolves completely. Squeeze the soft-bottomed bottle and turn over. A vacuum effect will fill the squeeze bottle with the mixture. After shampooing,towel dry hair and divide into four sections. Apply three drops of product to the roots of the hair of each section, ensuring that it penetrates the scalp by massaging with finger tips. For more intensive results, use a small bottle every three days and repeat the treatment twice per year.


RNA: Helps maintain and stimulate the skin’s vital functions.
Glacial spring water: Boosts cell metabolism.
Anchoring peptide: Reinforces the anchoring of the hair follicle to the scalp.
Anti-glycation complex: Reduces hair loss.
Amino-saccharides complex: Reinforces the dermal matrix. Stimulates hair growth by re-launching cellular metabolism and microcirculation.
Keratin: Repairs and smoothes the hair fiber. Brings resistance, shine and softness to hair.