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Prime Lip Repair

Recommended for: For those looking for an anti-aging lip care. Dry and chapped lips. Fine lines around the lips.

Texture: Cream


Product Size: 15 ml 0.5 oz

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Lip care treatment that fights skin dryness, improves skin elasticity and regenerates lip skin. Effectively fights fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth. Hydrates and plumps lips. Smoothes and softens lips, thus preparing them for makeup. It contains HP DNA with anti-UV and anti-free radical properties which make it a remarkable protective formula.

A Product by Shop by Purpose


– Mornings and evenings, several times during the day if necessary.
– Apply by patting on lips and around mouth. For improved makeup wear, we
recommend to apply prior to the application of lipstick. Apply on top of lipstick for a satin and glowing finish. For sever damage, apply a generous layer and leave on overnight.


Triple DNA: Ultra moisturizing (retails 10000 times its weight in water). Helps maintain and stimulate the skin’s vital functions.
RNA in liposomes: Repairing effect on damaged cells.
Peptides from synthesis origin: Offer an anti-wrinkle action similar to retinoic acid (Acid Vitamin A).
Ginseng extract: Micro-circulation activator, heightens the peptide cocktail’s effectiveness.
Propolis: Boosts the healing process of the skin.
Avocado unsaponifiables: Provide just the right amount of bioavailable lipids to make the skin comfortable and supple.
Borage oil: Conabts dryness, regenerates skin and improves skin elasticity.
Jojoba oil: Provides nourishment and suppleness to skin.
Titanium oxide and other sunscreens: Protect the skin against UVB and UVA.