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About Valmont

For over twenty-five years the family-owned Valmont Group has been helping women and men conquer the visible signs of aging. At the head of the company are Didier Guillon and Sophie Vann-Guillon, both sharing the same vision of cosmetics and beauty with the same desire to innovate and achieve excellence in skin care quality. The Valmont product line is founded not only on the clinical expertise of the founders but it is also based upon traditional Swiss medicine. Inspired by the most current cosmetic findings and utilizing the unspoiled natural resources of Switzerland, Valmont provides the utmost in anti-aging products that give visible, long-lasting effects. Many skin care companies incorporate DNA into their anti-aging products. However at Valmont, their unique highly polymerized DNA is combined with the macro-elements magnesium, calcium and sodium to reinforce its’ strength and effectiveness in cell regeneration. Valmont collaborates with leading Swiss experts for the cultivation of plant species that are selected for their potent effects on the skin. These organic plants are grown without pesticides, in the pure earth of the pollution-free area of the Phyto-Alpine garden located in the Valais Alps. Valmont uses only the purest extraction process tenable to ensure total quality control of the extracts that are incorporated into their products. Manufactured and produced in Switzerland, Valmont products use the water from the Swiss glaciers to great advantage. The purity of this water provides the best stimulation for the skin. Valmont continues to be a constant innovator, reaching new levels of excellence in anti-aging efficacy, enhancing the beauty of women and men worldwide.




Valmont Skin Care Products

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